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Student Ally

Student Ally began three years ago with a simple mission in mind – to help colleges end student-to-student sexual assault.  Practicing attorneys with decades of experience in civil litigation, sexual assault prosecution and defense, victims’ advocacy, and constitutional law, we started with a very small first step – understanding the problem.  After reading thousands of pages of lawsuits, meeting with and listening to students, parents, victims, and college administrators, we realized that we were not trying to solve one problem, but rather, dozens.  Some were straightforward – like addressing the lack of available evidence for students to prove guilt or innocence.  Others were less so – like addressing societal misperceptions about appropriate sexual behavior (largely created by movies), or counteracting the acceleration of sexual dynamics and social disassociation in modern teen culture (largely caused by dating applications and social media, where people are reduced to “swipes” or carefully curated “profiles” bearing little resemblance to reality.)

Embracing the age-old principle of divide and conquer, we took on each problem individually - starting from its base principles, working with Title IX Departments and students to building solutions piece by piece, and running case studies to test and refine each solution.  After making out way through each problem, we faced a new challenge – how to effectively coordinate and administer dozens of disparate programs.  So we built our patent-pending System of Solutions™ - a comprehensive and fully integrated Title IX Management System.  Combining a fully bespoke Administrative Portal that provides your Title IX Department with an unheard-of level of oversight and resources, with a smartphone-based application that provides your students with never-before-seen tools for community collaboration and safety.

What We Do?

Backed By Our Professional Services

Our Solution

We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control.

  • Codes & Procedures

  • Student Orientation

  • Testing & Certification

  • Integrated Safety Systems

  • Campus Security Integration

  • Active Shooter & Emergency Response System

  • Student Reporting System

  • Professional Investigations & Resources

  • Evidence Preservation, Submission, & Collection Technology

  • Investigative Reports

  • Case Management & Tracking

  • Professional Appeals & Decisions

  • Avoid liability with our Compliance Guarantee

  • Prevent incidents with our Safer Campus Guarantee

  • Improve Support with our Better Reporting Guarantee

  • Ensure trust with our Privacy Guarantee

  • Enjoy Faster & More Reliable Investigations

Delivered Via our Digital Infrastructure

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Student App

Integrating your entire student body on a single platform allows you to foster student-to-student and student-to-school collaboration never before possible. The App goes everywhere students do, and with it, your ability to deliver the tools and resources to end sexual assault.

Administrative Portal

Manage the entire System of SolutionsTM from a single platform, and double your staff’s capacity overnight. By seamlessly integrating your internal staff with Student Ally’s outside teams of legal and investigative specialists, we open new possibilities for flexibility and resource allocation. What would you do with twice the bandwidth and a team of professionals at your disposal? Become and Ally and find out.

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