Alex Romano
Alex Romano, Esq.
CEO and Co-Founder

Alex spent 10 years as a civil litigator. Experienced in evidence collection, electronic…

Anthony Cesaro
Anthony Cesaro
COO and Co-Founder

Anthony has over 14 years of experience in software sales and specializes in enterprise clients…

bekir dağ
Bekir Dag
CTO and Lead Engineer

Bekir has over 20 years of experience as a developer and engineer with nearly two decades of…

Benjamin Doskocil, Esq.
Benjamin Doskocil, Esq.
Chief Legal Officer

As an experienced trial attorney, Ben has spent more than a decade defending and prosecuting…

John Florez
John Florez
Chief Resource Officer

Serial entrepreneur, early investor, and our technology partner, John oversees strategic…

Reeanna Zamfir
Senior Marketing Consultant

Reeanna is a marketing leader specializing in digital and social media, growth marketing, and…

Matthew Grover
Matthew Grover
Senior Strategy Consultant

Matthew has over 7 years of experience in business strategy practices motivated by new…

Destinee Delbonis
Gen. Z Spokesperson

A powerful voice for survivors' rights, Destinee took her own trauma and channeled it into an…

Sheila Curran, BA, PGCE, SPHR
Higher Education Specialist

With 3 decades of experience inside Higher Ed and Student Life roles, Sheila provides valuable…

Dave Gwizdowski
Media and Revenue Specialist

3-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and former SVP of Revenue at the Associated Press, Dave…